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Long History of excellence 

Wase, Wase & Grace, LLC has a long history of excellence in the field of Law.

Wase, Wase & Grace, LLC has been an established, well respected, Maryland law firm for over 40 years providing professional representation of clients in the areas of family law, estate planning, elder law, probate, personal injury, and bankruptcy. We are a small family firm that prides itself on providing personalized, compassionate representation to all of our clients. We are conveniently located in Lutherville, Maryland servicing Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Harford County, Anne Arundel County, Carroll County, and Howard County.

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Members of Wase, Wase & Grace Law Firm are passionate about their jobs which is clearly evident in their strong work fundamentals, quality-based customer service, enormous knowledge pool and cost-effective services.Recognizing the dynamic changes occurring in the American family and advocating for amicable solutions for all clients, Wase, Wase & Grace is here for you. You can rely on us to do justice to all your legal issues!

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randy wase lawyer baltimore

Randy Wase

As an attorney since 1991 representing clients in a wide range of family law matters, Ms. Wase has...
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Lawyer Baltimore Victoria Grace

Victoria Grace

Ms. Grace practices in the areas of estate planning, wealth preservation, tax planning specific to estate and gift...
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Adam Zimmerman Lawyer Baltimore

Adam Zimmerman

Adam Zimmerman joined Wase, Wase & Grace, LLC in January 2016 when he merged his practice, Law Office...
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Amy Sheinin Lawyer baltimore

Amy Sheinin

Amy Sheinin is a graduate of Penn State University and Widener University School of Law (now The Delaware...
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Some Of Our Clients

We are your Family Law Lawyer in Lutherville, Maryland

About Wase, Wase & Grace, LLC

At Wase, Wase & Grace, LLC we are a Family law firm and we put our clients first. They become our priority after you or a loved one gets injured, you will need attorneys who will understand and will fight for your rights. Not only because it is important that you get the best defense but also so you can go back to your life. We are not only bringing dedication and knowledge, but we are bringing experience into every single case we take.

So let us do the hard work about the law and you can do the hard work about being in a better situation.

Practice Areas

At Wase, Wase & Grace, LLC , we master several fields that we will see below. But let’s start with Tort. Tort law is also called personal injury law and has a family law firm we will bring you all the necessary information. So what is Tort? It is when an injured person or entity can put forward a law suit also called civil action to recuperate their losses. Those losses are named damages and are caused by the action of another party. Those actions will be either accidental or negligent. In some cases, an entity can be liable for their actions to the defendant. In some other cases, a person can be found guilty and liable of whether or not they were careless.

We handle an extensive variety of personal injury cases:

Accidents: It is awful when  accidents happen. Either someone isn’t paying attention or not being careful and then injuries occur. In any case, just because someone’s actions were not intentional, or negligent, it doesn’t mean that this person should be able to escape their responsibility.If you have been injured because of someone’s negligence, You have full right to look for, what we call recovery for any of your injuries that you have experienced. Our personal injury firm works on numerous cases ranging from any type of vehicle accident, including trucks accidents and much other transportation accidents. We also work on work related accident with construction site accidents, work injuries. Family accident such as drowning and accident from life like slips and falls. We will help you  recuperate the damages done to you.

Medical Malpractice: this happens when a medical professional, which can be your family doctor, or a nurse or anyone that takes care of your loved ones commits an act that injured your loved ones. They have been injured due to medical malpractice. If it is the case you can look for damages for the injuries you have received. If you don’t know what are medical malpractice. It can encompass things like anesthesia errors, emergency room error, failure to or delayed diagnose, childbirth injuries. Medical malpractice can also be associated with surgical errors like negligence intubation,cosmetic surgery, wrongful pregnancy, plastic surgery. It can also be about your baby with negligent prenatal care. With all of those difficult decisions, you want to have experienced and knowledgeable attorneys for you and your loved ones.
Either you have a catastrophic injury or your loved one. It can be heart crushing. Catastrophic injuries are really difficult to deal with either you receive permanent disability or receive some substantial injuries that left you disfigured. At Wase, Wase & Grace, LLC we have an extensive track in managing cases where people have been catastrophically injured. This type of injury can happen in many ways with fire, work accident, burn injuries, dog bites, environmental injuries or even brain injuries.

Personal Injuries bring a lot of other sectors such as elder abuse where the caregiver has been negligent toward an elder. which can range from physical to exploitation and or neglect? Personal injury can also be the consequences of defective product and if you have been injured and are receiving workers compensation we can help you with that. Out office in Lutherville, Maryland also operate all over Baltimore county, Townson, and Baltimore City

We handle family law cases including:

At Wase, Wase & Grace, LLC we are train and experience in Family Law. As a Family law firm, we cover a wild range of cases. But be assure that you are covering you because the future is the most important asset. We will put your family first.

Divorce: We know that divorces are difficult and it a transitional phase with a lot of new hoops to go through. Divorces affect almost all aspect of someone’s life and we will help you move forward successfully after your divorce. We focus on protecting children’s best interest and financials.

Through divorce comes a lot of aspects such as custody, child support, and separation agreement. At Wase, Wase & Grace, LLC we know that that every aspect of family law can be through negotiation or litigation and as family lawyers we work to create the best strategy for you. Either through negation, mediation or collaborative divorce our divorce attorney will provide vigorous representation in Maryland and Baltimore County.

Family Law doesn’t stop at Divorces we can also help you with Adoption, visiting property division, alimony, paternity and even prenuptial agreements. All of that aspect of the family can and will often add Guardianship, estate planning, wills and name change. If any aspect of your family is changing dramatically contact us and will be sure to make your future safer.
Domestic Violence: It is always a difficult time because domestic violence is often perceived as normal within families and considered family business. Domestic violence can impact children and more entire families.; especially if the couple is already in a divorce. Often those cases are emotionally charged and difficult to manage. So we always make sure spend time with our client to assist first their needs and understand their concerns. Either is it abuse toward a spouse of children or allege violent acts. We will tailor a strategy for the best outcome.

We handle more law cases:

You can see our full list of practice area.

We are your voice in those difficult moments

We are the strong team for you. our years of experience can bring the best knowledge to resolve the most complex process to make sure you can move on. Either you have suffered from injuries, divorce, Neglect or any difficult path. We are the lawyers for you.
It doesn’t matter which administration you will be working with, such as insurance companies and hospitals ,we will be by your side helping. Those systems are definitely working for their employers and not for your best interest which often leads families in devastating events and disadvantages situations. That is why we are the legal team to represent you. We are putting you in equal standing with the companies you are dealing with. Because the last thing people want to deal with is administrative documents especially after one’s death or injury. So we will help you every step of the way so you can see it through.

At Wase, Wase & Grace we are committed to answering your calls and questions. We are responsive to your needs and will never past the next business day to answers you.

Eacho four attorney specializes in their own field and condenses years of experience. Making our team the compassionate and dedicated legal team for your needs.
Valuable Representation

We understand the trauma that life can cause and you should be focusing on healing and moving on. That is why we fight for your to move forward

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At Wase, Wase & Grace, LLC , it is our duty to use our experience, knowledge, and dedication to fight for you.

We seek for you to receive the compensation your family and you deserve. After injury or loss, we know how to help you. We know what it takes to win.
When we take on your case we are fully ready to go to the end for you and your family. We are here to help so contact us for your first intro to our amazing team in Lutherville.
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