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We are the lawyers for your bankruptcy

Bankruptcy it is designed to give honest people who have fallen on hard times a fresh start in life. There is nothing more stressful than having collection agencies calling at all times of the day, at home and at work, harassing you over unpaid bills or the fear of facing a foreclosure of your home. Once you are bankrupt and a case is filed, creditors must stop calling you and any garnishments, foreclosures or repossessions must cease.

If you are buried in debt due to health, employment changes or other family matters, Maryland Bankruptcy Law can provide you relief. Ms. Wase has been assisting clients in filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petitions for over 20 years. She can evaluate your situation and file the proper documents with the Court specializing with bankrupt cases and people on your behalf. If you qualify for the petition you can discharge most, if not all, of your debt.

Our main goal at Wase, Wase & Grace is to help people get out of debt and get a fresh start on life. If you are anxious over a depressing monetary situation or wondering if you are eligible for bankruptcy protection, contact Ms. Wase today for a free consultation, 410-828-8500