Nursing Home Negligence

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Nursing Home Negligence

Have you been suffering from Nursing Home Negligence?

If you have been a victim of a Nursing Home negligence we can help you.

It is important to know that Nursing home neglect is comparable to nursing home abuse in a lot of ways, but they are different. Although the violence inflicted in nursing homes indicates an express intent to hurt the patient. Nursing home negligence describes a breach of care that results in the injury of the elder.

Here are some examples of Nursing Home negligences:

It can vary from case to case, but there is mainly four types of nursing home neglectfulness:

1) Social and Emotional neglect is when the patient is ignored, left by themselves, or even yield at by a nursing home staff

2) Individual health neglect is when the elder is not receiving the proper care. Which can be laundry, cleaning or even body care like showers, bath or brushing teeth.

3) Basic needs neglect is when the establishment such as the nursing home do not provide food, supply, water in a reasonable manner. It can also be not providing a safe and clean environment.

4) Medical neglect is when the attention, prevention or health care is not provided by the nursing home. Concerns about bed sores, cuts, diabetes, mobility concerns or even infections.

Identifying nursing home neglect act is terrible. Sometimes there not even a physical signs to see. Also, behavioral changes are difficult to understand but can be easier to detect when the elders leave close to family, friends and loved ones. It is known that elders have an easier time and do not suffer from emotional and social neglect when they can see family more often.

Here are some signs of Home Nursing Negligence

  • Bed Sore or Ulcer
  • Injuries from falls
  • Malnutrition
  • Weight loss drastic
  • Dehydration
  • No friendly interaction with staff or resident
  • Sudden change in behavior
  • Poor Environnement safety

Elder residing in a nursing home that is negligent to their patient are usually at risk for infections, serious disease, injuries, and death. Sometimes negligences are easily found, but often many cases of home nursing negligence come unnoticed and unreported. Often it can mean life or death to report a home nursing neglect for the patient.

Usually, there is a concern for elderly such like malnutrition, dehydration which can be detected by families and loved ones when they come to visit. Also, falls, cuts or hurts can also easily be recognized when the family comes to see the Home Nursing.

How to prevent Nursing Home Neglect

Neglect can be avoided when Nursing Home pay attention to their patients. They can prevent bed suffocation for example. It is preventable when the nursing staff is available to assist and identify elders as high risk. They need to be a check on frequently.

Also, the staff should be paying attention to the safety and environment of the patient. Sanitary and safety concerns must be resolved. Also, beds, mattress and must be flush so to avoid the patient from suffocating between the rail. Patients of the nursing home must be monitored and check for any developing medical concerns.